3 Bids Myth | Roofing Repair vs Roofing Despair

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We should do it by listening to the manufactures and adhering to all of their specifications. Remember, over 90 percent of all roofs replaced do not qualify for the manufacturer’s extended warranty. This is according to a study by Pro Re-modeler. Did you really think a 30 or 50-year roof would be just as good in 12-15 years? Even if you do your best to ensure you’re doing your part to maintain it to manufacture guidelines that don’t mean the installer did. You might ask yourself; “If the building or property companies inspector approves it, doesn’t that mean it was done correctly?”

Not entirely. The building or property inspector’s job is only to ensure that the minimum regulatory specifications and safety guidelines are being followed. That means that they pass things all the time, where some contractors only do the least amount of work to just barely be on the legal side of the ordinances. Is this what you want, a contractor that only provides the bare minimum of the work?

“Well, then I will have the contractor fix it”.

When you do realize that the project is not moving towards the vision you started out with, you inform the contractor that more work needs to be included in the project scope. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10, the contractor replies; “I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, but I’ll need you to sign these additional work change order forms because the work you now realize you need to have done was not in our initial bid! We thought we were doing you a favor, by keeping the costs down for you, isn’t that what you wanted?”

So, what is a homeowner to do?

The best that you can do is to find a licensed contractor who is proposing to do 100% of the job, the first time. Make sure that you have an open line of communication with that contractor. Make sure that the work order given to your insurance company is extensively detailed so that there is no confusion as to what you are receiving for your home investment. Make sure that you know what the obligations and responsibilities are of both the contractor and yourself. Make sure that they supplied you with multiple references for similar jobs they have done in your neighborhood. Make sure that you are protected, by receiving copies of their worker’s compensation and general liability insurance certificates. Make sure that they are a licensed contractor, with the necessary certifications needed to accomplish the job. If you have doubts about any suggestions they make, have them back up their reasoning with industry-related technical reports or literature. After you have done all of this, which contractor do you think is going to give you the Right Bid for the Right Job?

The bottom line is that only the right “Qualified” bidder would have been the only one to guarantee everything is done right.

Most likely, the only one out of the original 3 bidders, who even had a shot at delivering the right results, was the supposedly highest priced contractor. Now, can you see that the highest bid, probably is not really the highest cost to you, but the only one to have provided the proper value to the specifications to ensure your warranty is validated by doing it the Right Way, per the Manufacturer’s Specifications? If your homeowner’s insurance policy is footing the bill, why not get the best contractor to handle such an important investment such as your home’s roof?

Mike Eyman, Your Roofologist

Mike Eyman, Your Roofologist

I maintain a platform of education, and I think that arming people with information will help them avoid the pitfalls of what I call the 'Janky Roofer.’ Which are those people who are in it for a quick buck and will go in there, slap anything on a roof, call it a day, collect money, and keep it moving. Thereby leaving homeowners susceptible to costly problems like leaking and interior damage. We are doing major surgery on someone’s home. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. That is why I created Your Roofologist, to act as a consumer protection advocate.

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