3 Simple Tips to Get Your Roof Ready For Storm Season

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If you have lived in North Texas for any length of time you know our storms can be merciless. On the first day of Spring, the North Texas Weather Service in Fort Worth confirmed tornadoes touching down in North Texas counties.
As a consumer protection advocate for the roofing industry and an RCAT Licensed Roofer, it is my job to inform, educate, and protect North Texans in all matters related to the roof on top of their homes.

3 tips to prep your roof for unpredictable Texas Springtime weather:

Tip number 1. Clean leaves out of the gutter.
Your home’s gutters protect the foundation, prevent erosion, protect landscaping, and limit mold growing on your home. Gutters allow water to drain away from your home and keep water from pooling near sensitive areas that could lead to costly repairs. Leaves collect in gutters clogging up the drainage systems. It is best practice to clean them at the beginning of the year.
Tip number 2. Trim the tree branches.
Texas Springtime winds are chaotic during spring months. Heavy wind gusts can take a serious toll on the trees around your home. Due to the preceding winter month tree branches die or just have not gotten their strength back yet. Taking the time now to inspect your trees and remove any branches that could be problematic or dangerous if they were to come down during a storm with high winds might just save the day…and you a lot of money.
Tip number 3. Walk-thru of the attic.
Another important task you can do to ensure your roof is prepared for spring is to check the attic. By going walking around the inside of your attic, you can get a decent look int the condition of your roof. Be on the lookout for signs that water has been getting inside your home. This can include streaking paint or wet insulation, among other things.
*Bonus tip: Pests like to make your attic home during the winter. While conducting a walk-thru of your attic, check the lumber and insulation for chew marks and small holes. Also, be aware of rodent droppings. Check out my Vlog on how to “Pest Proof the Roof” where you will see just how easily a rodent can chew a hole in your home’s siding.
Alright, guys and gals, that is all I have. I hope this blog has helped someone today. Thank you so much for reading and for giving me your time.
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Stayed tuned for many more videos, blogs, helpful roofing tips, and possibly Podcasts to come.
“The strongest part of your home is inside it.”
Mike Eyman, Your Roofologist

Mike Eyman, Your Roofologist

I maintain a platform of education, and I think that arming people with information will help them avoid the pitfalls of what I call the 'Janky Roofer.’


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