Why Homeowners Should Hire RCAT Licensed Roofing Contractors

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"Who's looking out for you?"
"At Nimble, we make it simple."


The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas

In this blog, we will share with you why hiring an RCAT licensed roofer is so important. 

When someone needs work on their home or business property, locating a trustworthy contractor can be difficult. They might rush to find someone as quickly as possible. As a result, their project is a disaster. Janky roofers may be nice, but nobody wants to take chances when hiring roofing contractors. They will help with your deductible, for instance. Which is illegal by the way. They may talk nice, but their goal is to get the job so they can get paid. Often times, unlicensed roofers aren’t looking out for your best interests.

It can be difficult to find an honest and trustworthy contractor without knowing what to look for. For that reason, homeowners rely on licensing, training, social proof, reviews, and registration of the roofing company to make a decision.

Q&A w/ the RCAT President

What makes a contractor with an RCAT license special?

“The State of Texas does not require a license, nor registration, insurance, formal training, or expertise of any kind to become a roofing contractor. The bar of entry is so low one could not even trip over it! However, once a Texas Roofing contractor can meet the requirements to become an RCAT Licensed Contractor and then actually takes the time to do so, the consumer can be assured that the contractor is serious about their craft and seeks to meet and exceed the highest standards of the roofing industry here in Texas.”

What RCAT guidelines specifically help home-owners?

“RCAT is not a pay to play association. RCAT is serious about ensuring its members uphold the highest of standards. The association requires its contractor members to be in business for a minimum period in Texas, they must be sponsored by their peers, provide credit references, show evidence of general liability insurance coverage for roofing work, adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and they must renew each year with proof of general liability. Requirements like this help consumers vet the best roofing contractors in the State of Texas. Did you know it’s been estimated that currently there are over 5,000 residential roofing contractors in Texas and only a small percentage of them are members of associations like RCAT or NTRCA? Very few other 3rd party memberships or programs require this type of vetting of its members.”

As the President, why is the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas important to you?

“I am proud to be a Roofing Contractor! It is an absolute honor to have been elected by my peers to lead RCAT in 2021. With the support of the RCAT members, our chapter members and the board of directors we will continue making a difference for the Texas Roofing Industry. Through our efforts in the 87th Texas Legislative Session, we will strive to make policy changes that protect consumers from unscrupulous contractors while strengthening the professional roofing contractor’s ability to serve communities across the great State of Texas. At the end of the day, serving the industry that has blessed my family is the most effective way to give back.”

AJ Huckaby, current RCAT President

Interested in applying for your RCAT license?

Licensed contractors are trustworthy

In states where it is not mandatory for roofers to be certified, such as Texas, homeowners are at risk of been duped by janky roofers claiming to offer them cheap roofing solutions. Initially, they may be nice, but their work can be very bad for you. RCAT protects property owners and homeowners.

More often than not, shoddy contractors will offer low rates because they are not qualified. Firstly, their main goal is getting the deal. They don’t have any technical knowledge of what they claim to do. Secondly, they are not bonded so property owners are not protected. They lack membership of any professional body and often promise to deliver the world. Lastly, and most importantly, they may be experimenting on your roof! All of which will turn a roofing project into a nightmare.

Why should you hire a licensed roofer?

Here are the five reasons to hire an RCAT-certified contractor:

  1. Peace of mind – Every homeowner expects their roofer to have integrity. Members of RCAT hold themselves to a higher standard. This gives homeowners peace of mind when a contractor is on their roof.
  2. Reliable and compliant services – To qualify to be a member of RCAT’s independent organization requires proven training in the roofing trade. RCAT licensed contractors are expected to operate above the status quo.
  3. Transparent inspections and estimates – Low prices are psychological magnets. It is hard to overlook a low quote. However, RCAT contractors execute detailed inspections with detailed estimates.
  4. Up-to-date roofing solutions – RCAT does not just encourage members to update their skills and knowledge, they also provide avenues for improvement and growth through continuous education and exchange.
  5. Manufacturer’s warranty – If you had a roof installed, it is most likely covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty can be voided by said manufacturer if you allow a person who is not knowledgeable and/or experienced to make adjustments/repairs to it. Almost all top tier contractors are members of some professional organization. Unfortunately, it is not mandatory for contractors in Texas to be members of a professional body. This means the state is a haven for all novices attempting to fake it until they make it.
"At Nimble, we make it simple."

We know how important it is.

We secured our RCAT license because we know how important trust is to our clients. 

You can take comfort in knowing Nimble is on the job.

Thank you for reading our blog. We are so glad you are apart of our message. Nimble Restoration Services strives to be the best because that is what our communities deserve.

Stay tuned for more amazing content from Nimble Restoration Services. In the next few weeks, Your Roofologist, Mike Eyman, Director of Operations for Nimble, will be publishing another product review video for the latest version of “The Pitch Hopper”, a revolutionary roofing wedge that makes roof work easier and safer. 

Stay busy, stay safe, stay nimble y’all.

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